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Semi-precious Gems

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Precious and semiprecious stones , beads , chips, Faceted, carving beads, pearl, nuggets, tumble

Gemstone Fancy Beads( button, tear, pear, twisted beads)


Yellow Tiger Eye beads

Cornilian beads

Yellow Tiger Eye - 27 g


Cornilian - 11 g


Turquoise Plain beads

Turquoise Metric beads

Turquoise Plain - 10 g


Turquoise Metric - 9 g


Sunstone beads

Amethyst Indian beads

Sunstone - 15 g


Amethyst Brazilian - 23 g


Citirine beads

Amethyst Indian beads

Citirine - 19 g


Amethyst Indian - 20 g


Peridot beads

Rainbow White beads

Peridot - 10 g


Rainbow White - 16 g


Rose Quartz beads Crystal beads

Rose Quartz - 11 g


Crystal - 12 g


Multi Moonstone beads Turquoise Plain beads

Multi Moonstone - 17 g


Turquoise Plain -23 g


Amethyst Indian beads Green Aventurine beads

Amethyst Indian - 39 g

Green Aventurine - 35 g

Cornilian beads Yellow Tiger Eye beads

Cornilian - 39 g

Yellow Tiger Eye - 25 g

Amethyst Brazilian beads Rainbow White beads

Amethyst Brazilian - 49 g

Rainbow White - 39 g

Rose Quartz beads

Rose Quartz - 35 g



Gemstone Fancy Beads (button, tear, pear, twisted beads)

Here at Khawad Creations, we have a range of Gemstone Fancy Beads( button, tear, pear, twisted beads) in all kind of gemstones.

These are generally used by designers for filling the required area. They are also used to wear with rough tough dresses and is very popular among fashion trends.

Please do ask for discount over 50 strands of one gemstones. We also offer good discounts on Bulk buying of Gemstone Fancy Beads( button, tear, pear, twisted beads).

The weight of beads are per gram of 16 inch long strand.

Please buy them online at this following URL :


buy gemstones and silver jewelry online





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